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Smiles 4 Everyone dental practice is now practising from Craig and Nice Dental, on the corners of Gordon and Nelson Street, Mackay. Smiles 4 Everyone strives to help as many patients as possible achieve and maintain a healthy, natural smile. Since maintaining your natural teeth is the healthiest option for both your oral and overall health and wellbeing, our dentists focus on offering a range of treatments to ensure your natural teeth are maintained for as long as possible. Treatments such as dental crowns, fillings and implants, orthodontics and custom dental mouthguards all geared towards improving and maintaining the best possible oral health.

Smiles4School program

Smiles 4 School is our latest give-back initiative that promotes healthy smiles in the community. We selected four teenagers from the local community who could really benefit from orthodontic treatment but whose families could not afford it. We then thoroughly examined them to determine the most suitable and effective treatment methods to achieve the healthiest smiles possible. All of the restorative, orthodontic and cosmetic treatments were done in-house, at our practice in Mackay, by our dental team. Most recently, we have been treating Natasha, who was born without lateral incisors. Although her treatment program is not quite complete, we are already extremely happy with the results.

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Cosmetic Dentistry Options | Teeth Whitening

For patients looking to enhance their smiles, Smiles 4 Everyone treat patients with an extensive range of cosmetic dentistry options, including teeth whitening, veneers, implants, orthodontics and dento-facial aesthetics. For a complete transformation of the mouth, there are more advanced options available – dento-facial aesthetics combines cosmetic injectable treatments with cosmetic dental treatments to improve the entire mouth structure, including the gums and even those wrinkles around the lips, for a complete-smile transformation.

Restorative Dentistry Options

If you have a damaged, cracked or chipped tooth or complete tooth loss, we have a range of restorative treatments options to help you regain a healthy, functional set of teeth and the best possible looking smile. From bridges and crowns to dental veneers and implants, there are many options to repair or replace one tooth or multiple teeth to achieve a natural result. Dental implants are the most efficient treatment for a missing tooth as they function to replace the entire tooth root and crown, retaining the jaw bone density and maintaining the natural, symmetrical structure of the mouth. Regardless of the extent of the damage of the tooth, our dentists will thoroughly examine your teeth and gums to ensure the best possible treatment methods are used to restore your smile.


Smiles 4 Everyone offers traditional straightening treatments, like metal and clarity braces, as well as Invisalign, to help patients correct their smiles and keep them straight for as long as possible. Invisalign is a highly discreet, removable and effective treatment for straightening teeth. The treatment consists of a series of custom-made aligners that adjust the position of the teeth over time. Since Invisalign is removable, it allows patients to maintain better oral hygiene habits than patients fitted with metal braces. Because straighter teeth allow for an overall healthier, cleaner, more functional smile, our dentists will recommend the most suitable orthodontic treatments, where necessary.

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