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What are dental implants?


Let’s start with the basics, what are dental implants? Well dental implants are essentially replacement teeth that support the functionality of your smile. Dental implants can simply be for one singular tooth, or a number of teeth, and can be removable or fixed to the jaw. The surgical process of…

What is Root Canal Surgery?


Smiles 4 Everyone offer Root Canal Treatments! Whether you’re looking to restore the restore the appearance of your smile, or achieve the smile you’ve always desired, Smiles 4 Everyone can help you. At Smiles 4 Everyone we offer a number of treatments for our patients, specialised to each and every…

Oral piercings; are they worth it?


Is it worth the pain…? Tongue piercing and splitting, along with piercings of the lip and gums, are a form of self-expression or body art in today’s society. Although a piercing such as this may sound enticing to some of you, there are a number of adverse oral conditions that…

What is teeth whitening?


We take a look at the phenomenon that is teeth whitening… What is whitening treatment? Teeth whitening lightens teeth and helps remove stains and discolouration through a number of methods. These include in-practice whitening treatments, which are applied by a dental professional such as Doctor Kelvin, take home treatments that…

How to treat problem snorers and sleep apnoea


Do you or your partner suffer from sleep apnoea? Is your snoring disrupting you or your partners sleep? Smiles 4 Everyone is here to help… What is Sleep Apnoea? Sleep apnoea occurs when an individual experiences repetitive episodes of partial or complete occlusion of the upper-airway during sleep. This is…

We will keep you smiling!


Smiles for everyone offer a complete range of treatments Whether you are looking to enhance the appearance of your smile, or simply maintain your natural teeth, Smiles 4 Everyone can help. Dr Kelvin and our highly experienced team offer world-class dentistry, with a welcoming local feel. With over 20 years’…

How healthy is your child’s mouth?


Achieving and maintaining your child’s oral health is a significant aspect of developing a healthy lifestyle for the rest of their lives. The health of the teeth, gums and jaw are a part of a child’s life forever – and they should be kept as healthy as possible from early…

Meet Natasha – our latest Smiles 4 School candidate


This is a transformation worth smiling about Smiles 4 Everyone proud to present Natasha’s transformation so far – another one of our lucky Smiles 4 School candidates. In April 2012, we launched Smiles 4 School – a give-back initiative that was designed to promote healthy smiles in the community.  We…

Find out why Invisalign is a great choice for your smile


Invisalign is a comfortable, discreet and effective method to straightening teeth. Find out why our dentists love this alternative to metal braces. Invisalign is a revolutionary orthodontic treatment, designed by dentists to provide the benefits of braces, with the comfort and ease of wearing nothing at all. Millions of patients…

The cost of replacing missing teeth

At Smiles 4 Everyone Mackay the cost of replacing missing teeth is now more affordable.

If you are missing a tooth, Smiles 4 Everyone in Mackay has a special offer for you. Most people are unphased when they lose a tooth. After all, they’ve got lots more. The problem is one missing tooth can cause further problems. Problems that, in the long run, are better…

How does what I eat affect my teeth and gums?

What you eat affects your teeth

Eating is one of our favorite activities that we do throughout our lives but is the food you’re eating rotting your teeth? Smiles 4 Everyone in Sarina love teeth! We love teeth so much that we take our work far beyond just fillings, crowns and braces. We want our patients…

How does Invisalign work?


How does Invisalign work? -

Not all dentists are created equal…

Lately as a practice we are becoming increasing more frustrated with our low price competition. NOT ALL DENTISTS ARE CREATED EQUAL Your teeth and your mouths are important,  ( don't bargain shop for your health)  when something is done badly, that's it, it will never be the same again. Yes…

Jimmy’s Smile Makeover – Before & After


Does the thought of visiting the dentist make you bite your nails?


We know visiting the dentist is not the most relaxing or fun thing in the world, but Smiles 4 Everyone tries to make it more fun and relaxing with our virtually pain free treatments Virtually pain free treatments are good for patients who struggle with dental anxiety, or simply do…

Special Introductory Price for Our Amazing Tooth Whitening Treatment


For just $600 you can get this amazing new tooth whitening system on offer at Smiles 4 Everyone   In just one hour and with virtually no sensitivity we can whiten your teeth up to eight shades. This tooth whitening system is called Natural+. Natural plus tooth whitening system whitens…

Intercept Dental Development at a Young Age


Treating overcrowded teeth while at a young age can prevent further complications later in life From your very first appointment to dental care into your 90s, the team at Smiles 4 Everyone in Sarina is dedicated to the health of your smile. One of the ways which we ensure proper…

Is your smile gummy? Smiles 4 Everyone can help!

Our technology can help sculpt your gums so that you can have a confident and powerful smile Here at Smiles 4 Everyone in Mackay we understand how soul-crushing having a less than perfect smile can be. Gummy smiles are one of the most common complaints we receive and that’s why…

Recent Study Shows that Acupuncture can reduce dental phobia


A recent study shows some unexpected benefits of the Chinese medical treatment acupuncture... Acupuncture has been used since ancient times to postulate energy circulation and improve the processes of the nervous system and circulatory system. Although a lot of modern day skeptics say a lot to disprove or degrade acupuncture,…

3 great reasons for whitening your teeth


Tooth whitening is one of the top five most popular cosmetic dental treatments available You may have read articles over the past few months that are questioning just how good tooth whitening is for your teeth and general health. However, most of these articles are referring to over-the-counter tooth whitening…

If You Had Three Wishes What Would You Change About Your Smile?

If you had a chance to easily and quickly change your smile to perfection what would you choose to change? Many Australians suffer every day because they do not like their smiles, and hide away from social interaction or cameras because they are so ashamed of how their teeth look.…

Young girl wakes up to metal mouth


A four-year-old girl went in for a typical and easy filling… and woke up to teeth covered in metal! A young girl that was taken to her local dentist to fill her four dental cavities was placed under sedation to alleviate her anxiety. Her mother was asked to leave the…

What do you do when you love the royal family? Get them tattooed on your teeth of course!

A fan has taken his passion for the royal family to a new level by tattooing their faces on his front teeth! A man has outdone other royal family fans by paying over $1500 to get a temporary ‘tattoo’ on his two front teeth! The pictures are of Will and…

Wild Pop Singer Ke$ha has made a bra out of her fans teeth!

Renown for her wild behaviour and fashion sense the pop sensation has become a dental designer… The singer recently asked her fans to send in their spare teeth! Having received over 1000 teeth in varying shapes and forms, the singer transformed the teeth into a designer bra and jewellery set…

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