Snoring and Sleep Apnoea Mackay

Do you snore? Want a better night’s sleep? Does your partner want a better night’s sleep? Modern dentistry technology can help

Snoring results from the partial closure of your airway during sleep. When you sleep the muscles in your neck relax and under certain conditions the soft tissue in the upper throat vibrates, which makes you snore.

Snoring is a significant problem for many partners. While one person is sound asleep and snoring, the other is tossing and turning trying to drown out the noise with a pillow—usually to no avail. Snoring occurs when you have a relaxed and collapsed airway, which produces soft tissue vibrations during breathing.

Research shows that custom fabricated dental devices can position the lower jaw to open up the airway thus reducing air velocity and soft tissue vibration. Worn at night these devices can eliminate snoring.

Now, with the help of the professionals from Smiles 4 Everyone in Sarina near Macaky, you can say goodbye to those sleepless nights. We will work with you to determine the exact design of your device.

What is sleep apnoea?

While you sleep, your breathing either becomes shallow or stops, forcing your body to momentarily wake up to restart the breathing process. This can happen hundreds of times a night without you being aware of it. This means you spend more time in a light sleep and less the deep sleep that your body needs.

Common signs and symptoms of sleep apnoea:

  • Waking up tired
  • Headaches
  • Concentration problems
  • Depression
  • Mood swings
  • Dry mouth or sore throat on waking

Did you know, globally, more motor vehicle accidents are attributed to people who fall asleep at the wheel than drink driving? Lack of concentration and fatigue are the main symptoms of sleep apnoea and if they occur consistently you should visit your dentist.

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